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About US

About US

Company Profile

Locations   Head Office
3-4-7 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0045
Ph:+81-33544-0111 Fax:+81-33544-0120

Eastern Japan Sales Division
3-4-7 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0045
Ph:+81-33544-0111 Fax:+81-33544-0120

Western Japan Sales Division
1205 Kamiyashiro 1-chome, Meito-ku, Nagoya City,
Aichi Prefecture, Japan 465-0025
Ph:+81-52-776-8121 Fax:+81-52-776-8124

Fujioka Plant
457-1 Mori, Fujioka City, Gumma Prefecture, Japan 375-0004
Ph:+81-274-22-7700 Fax:+81-274-22-7707
Representative   President (CEO) Yoshiaki Ishiguro
Capital   ¥20,000,000
Principal Clients   ■ Automotive
Isuzu Motors Ltd, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd, Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, Honda Motor Co., Ltd, Mazda Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, etc.

■ Steel Industry
JFE Holdings, Inc., Kobe Steel, Ltd, Nippon Steel Corporation,
Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd, Tokyo Steel Co., Ltd, etc.

■ Electrical Machinery & Appliances
Sharp Corporation, Sony Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, NEC Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd, etc.

■ Cards
Oji Paper Co., Ltd, Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd, Toppan TDK Label Co., Ltd, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd, etc.

■ Major Export Destinations
United States, England, India, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc.
Banks   Mizuho Bank, Ltd, Kyobashi Branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd, Kyobashi Chuo Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Ginza Branch
Affiliates   Shimasei Co., Ltd
Head Office
18-5 Minami-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, Japan 210-0015
Ph.: (044) 211 3431
(Principal Business)
Acts as the Kanagawa Prefecture product sales and service agency for the Scientific Instruments and Precision Instruments divisions of Shimadzu Corporation

Kuwana Seiko K.K.
Head Office: 296 Ouaza-nishibesshiyo, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, Japan 511-0851
(Main Products)
Precision component machining, camera component manufacturing, custom gear machining

Business Details

Manufacturing and sales of numbering machines, automatic label marking machines, hot stamping machines and other metal presses, as well as computer component machining, sales of machine tools, manufacturing and sales of custom-built machinery and precision component machining

Corporate History

Company founder Tsuneshichi Arai establishes the Omiya Tsuneshichi Arai store near Yokohama and begins importing and selling clocks and clock tools from overseas.
(Establishment of a limited partnership)
Gisaburo Ishiguro, formerly of the Riken Foundation, joins the company and invests jointly with the Arai family to set up a limited partnership. The business is also reformed, transitioning from clock materials and tools-related departments to communications equipment and precision machining equipment.
After the war, the company is restructured in 1947 to add new camera and electronic precision component manufacturing to the existing business, and research and development into products such as numbering heads, stamps and stamping equipment begins.
(Kawasaki office established)
The Kawasaki office is established in Saiwai-ku in Kawasaki City as the Kanagawa agency of Shimadzu Corporation and begins selling Shimadzu products.
(Setagaya plant established)
Kintsune Seiki acquires the management rights for Sinkoseisakujyo Co., Ltd, formerly a subcontracting factory for Kintsune Seiki, and starts the plant up as a specialist factory for marking machines.
(Completion of the new head office)
A new steel-framed 6-storey head office building is completed to ease the overcrowding arising from the growth in employee numbers.
(Establishment of the Nagoya office)
An office is opened in Naka-ku in Nagoya to deal with the increased number of inquiries from the Nagoya and Osaka regions.
(Establishment of Shimasei)
Following excellent progress in business at the Kawasaki office after its establishment in 1960, the office is wound up and absorbed into the newly established Shimasei Co., Ltd.
(Appointment of a new CEO)
Gisaburo Ishiguro, President and CEO of the company since incorporation, becomes Chairman of the Board and Giichi Ishiguro takes over as CEO.
(Relocation of head office)
Following the expansion of the business, the head office in Ginza in Chuo-ku is sold and land and a new head office building is purchased and opened in Tsukiji in Chuo-ku.
(Relocation of Nagoya office)
Due to increasingly cramped conditions in the rented office space used for the Nagoya office, land is purchased in Meito-ku in Nagoya City and new office premises are constructed and opened.
1993 Due to the increasing transition of land around the Setagaya factory to residential use, the expansion of the business and the increased product range, the existing premises become too cramped and the entire business is relocated to Mori in Fujioka City.
2004 Relocation to Tsukiji 3-chome in Chuo-ku.
(Appointment of a new CEO)
Giichi Ishiguro becomes chairman of the Board and Yoshiaki Ishiguro takes over as CEO.